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Sisters Collect Another Slam; Kind Words on Doubles

Before Francesca Schiavone’s victory over Sam Stosur, the Williams sisters teamed up to take out Katarina Srebotnik and Kveta Peschke in the women’s doubles final, 6-2, 6-3. The win, highly worthy of their number one ranking for doubles, means Serena and Venus Williams also won four Grand Slam doubles titles in a row. Serena calls it the “Williams Slam.” Now, combined with their current rankings at number one and two in the world, that’s an astounding stat.

Their effort in doubles sends a clear message to the rest of the professional tennis players – play more doubles. There’s no reason to not play. While the excuse out their might be that doubles is too tiring, along with having a solid performance in singles, is moot. Although the sisters did not advance beyond the quarterfinals at the French Open this year, they’ve done better in other Slams. Therefore, no excuse should be made.

Hopefully, more top players will take the sisters’ lead and play doubles not only for personal benefit, but also to improve the status of doubles play overall. No reasons exists as to why fans and professionals consider doubles lesser than singles. It certainly isn’t any easier. Moreover, increasing awareness only helps the sport, increasing its popularity for future generations. The team work and shot-making necessary to win a doubles match is impressive, and it is quick and fun to watch.

So, let’s see some more players of the Williams’ caliber. It’d be nice for a Roger Federer or a Rafael Nadal on the men’s side to take up the doubles reigns and show their worth with a partner. It shouldn’t only be up to Serena and Venus.


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  1. Sorry to correct you. A slam is winning all 4 majors in one year. Winning 4 slams in a row means the Williams sisters have won 16 majors in a row. A major is one leg of a slam. A slam is not a major, but rather, having won all 4 majors. Most people get this wrong. No reason why you should also.

    • Ben said,

      Thanks for reading!

      I’m sorry for the ambiguity of the post. However, I’m well aware of what a true “Grand Slam” entails. While the Williams sisters haven’t technically accomplished this feat in doubles play, I was referring to Serena’s cited comment in passing. She called their last four wins a “Williams Slam,” probably paralleling to her “Serena Slam,” when she won four consecutive Grand Slam singles titles between the 2002 French Open and the 2003 Australian Open.

      Also, I believe I qualified the statement to which you are referring with the word “titles,” not simply four Grand Slams in a row. The title of the post, where I use only the word “Slam” simply stands for “Grand Slam titles.” But, wow, wouldn’t it be impressive if they won 16 in a row?! If anyone can do it in doubles, it’d be them!

      Anyway, thanks again for reading, and I’ll definitely check out your blog!

  2. Post #78: Sisters Collect Another Slam; Kind Words on Doubles…

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    • Ben said,

      Thank you!

      By the way, great site. It’s nice having so much information about the French Open finals all in one place!

  3. Good stuff.
    –Crack (

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