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Cahill to Coach Murray? Maybe, Probably Not

With Andy Murray recently splitting up with full-time coach Miles Maclagan, the British press wants to know just who will take over for their number one player.

According to Cliff Drysdale, during Murray’s match against Spain’s Feliciano Lopez, along with an article for The Guardian and another in The Mail, Darren Cahill might just be the man for the job. During the broadcast, however, Cahill refuted the idea, albeit not very convincingly. He told Drysdale, “It didn’t take very long to bring me up, did it?”

He continued that “it depends what he wants,…if [Murray’s] looking to employ a full-time coach that can’t be me. I’m not in the position to be anybody’s full-time coach with my commitments here at ESPN, and also a consultant at Adidas.” He continued that if he ever went back to being a full-time coach, he probably would’ve stayed to see if Roger Federer wanted him for the job. Cahill worked with Federer over the past couple years.

Despite the Australian seeming to say “no,” The Guardian stated, “The Australian Darren Cahill, who guided Lleyton Hewitt and Andre Agassi, is favoured to take over, but Murray will wait until the US Open finishes in September before deciding. Cahill, who is attached to Murray’s chief sponsor, Adidas, currently works as an analyst for ESPN.”

The Mail writes, “Murray, in co-ordination with his mother Judy, still his most trusted adviser, placed Cahill at the head of his wish-list to coach him when they decided Maclagan’s days were numbered after Wimbledon, as exclusively revealed in The Mail on Sunday four weeks ago. ”

There’s a lot still up in the air. Personally, it’d be good for Murray to have Cahill at his side. With a career-high ranking of 22 in1989, Cahill has the history both on and off the court to do great things for Murray, who has yet to win a Grand Slam title.

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