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A Year in Review: Tenaciously Tennis Turns One

I’m proud to say that my blog, Tenaciously Tennis, is officially a year old  today. What started as a simple project to capture my thoughts and opinions of this great sport has evolved into something much more. With over 4,000 views, almost 200 posts, countless comments, and stories on numerous topics, I’ve had the chance to take my passion for writing and tennis to the next level.

I never thought that I’d become so involved when I began my work for this site. Rather, I figured it would be a semi-fleeting hobby; something to look forward to after reading the latest news online, or watching a tournament. Instead, it’s become much more. I’ve formed a level of commitment to my work for Tenaciously Tennis, which I didn’t at first think remotely possible both to myself and to my readers.

I’m thankful looking back that my original assumption about blogging — it being just a hobby — was incorrect. It’s truly special to not only play, read, and watch a sport as great as tennis, but to also write and offer commentary about the subject. My words have allowed me to create and develop a voice about the sport, something many consumers or enthusiasts may never have the chance to capture in words.

Of course, my love of journalism also feeds into my commitment to Tenaciously Tennis and blogging in general. After taking courses in the subject this semester and being the Associate and News Editor for my school’s independent student newspaper, The Quindecim, I’ve witnessed the ways in which the field of journalism is moving online rapidly. Maintaining this project, therefore, allows me to grapple with the rules of this developing field firsthand. I hope to one day use these experiences as a springboard for a future career, and I feel that I am well on my way.

Something else that strikes me particularly after a year of practicing this form: I’m creating a dialogue with others using this platform’s multimedia technologies. I’m posting my thoughts, allowing for commentary, using video and photographs, hyperlinks, and more. That’s the beauty of the blog in many ways, and I’m excited to explore this further in the years to come.

But, of course, Tenaciously Tennis has also captured my passion and interest for a greater reason than myself and my love for the field. In fact, the reader comes first (as I believe it should for every journalist). A journalist’s job, according to an excerpt from The Elements of Journalism by Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel, is to give citizens the information they need to be free and self-governing. It’s about integrity to the field and to the people reading the news. It’s not supposed to center on the personal thoughts and feelings of the author. That is not the point of journalism at all.

While Tenaciously Tennis offers my commentary on tennis-related subjects, it’s first duty is to inform. Maybe it’s about helping someone decide whether Roger Federer can improve upon his staggering 16 career major titles, or if Rafael Nadal has the chance to one day become the Greatest of All Time. It could also be whether Serena Williams can overcome and continue winning, or if Caroline Wozniacki’s time has come, and she’s poised to breakthrough for her  first major title. These are all questions I analyze and hope that the reader leaves the site feeling more confident dealing with going forward.

Over the year, I’ve switched websites, tweaked my writing style, and sought to improve post selections to make the website as interesting as possible. It’s been an amazing journey, and one I can’t wait to keep exploring. I welcome any and all suggestions, and I thank you, my readers, for taking the time to read my work. While it’s about my own love for tennis to an extent, it’s truly for you.




Tenaciously Tennis Breaks 1,000 Views

Posted in Miscellaneous by Ben on July 16, 2010

After a couple months using Word Press, I’m proud to announce that Tenaciously Tennis has surpassed 1,000 views. During this time, I’ve switched over to, covered the French Open and Wimbledon, and generally enjoyed the responsibilities that go along with closely following the sport. I look forward to the year’s future events, and I’m inspired to not only uphold the current level of coverage and writing, but improve upon it.

Along with future plans for Tenaciously Tennis, I’d like to thank the blog’s loyal readers for coming back and reading what I have to say. In the last month or so,  I’ve reached a record high number of views. Coupled with this, the comments are pouring in. The sort of discussion peppering my posts is exactly what I strive to gain from my words. My posts garner excellent thoughts, and I can’t wait to read more as my work continues.

Writing and tennis are my twin passions in life, and the results I’m getting help me further realize this. Realizing this further is a great feeling indeed.

Looking Back at a Great Seven Months

Posted in Miscellaneous by Ben on June 28, 2010

Well, Wimbledon was packed with action today with big wins, bigger losses, high drama, and more. But before I get to that, I want to use this 100th post to meditate on my time blogging these past seven months. I’ve learned a lot through keeping up a blog, and I want to take this opportunity to put it into words.

I started this blog, Tenaciously Tennis, simply because I have two major passions in life: writing and tennis. A blog, therefore, was the obvious way to connect these two big parts of my life. Why I didn’t start one before the 2010 tennis season is lost on me. I’m proud to say, however, that I’ve stayed truly committed. In the process I’ve learned a lot about myself as both a writer and tennis player. Here are but a few of the lessons I’ve learned.

There’s a lot to learn about life from tennis:

Alright, so maybe this one can be considered cliche. But it’s true. Tennis is a game about opportunity. If you can fight through against your opponent and overcome yourself, if you can take advantage of the break point, play with heart and soul, and uphold an unwavering sense of belief — you’re golden. If you’re wracked with even a sliver of nagging doubt, or get too flustered by the situation, letting the moment overcome clear-headed thinking, then you’re toast. Tennis is a game of ambition — it’s a game about confidence and drawing upon inspiration. And I like that.

Writing can be a calming exercise:

I guess I’ve always known this, but it’s been even more of a factor for this blog. Writing is therapeutic. When I’m writing these posts, I’m taken into a different world. I step away from my life in New York, and I’m transported to tennis courts in far away countries. I mean, that won’t be the case when the US Open comes around, but we’ll leave it at that for now.

As I was saying: writing a blog is an exercise of therapy. The posts are quick, but the research that goes into each one is special. I love synthesizing what I’ve watched and read, forming my opinion, and letting it be read by others. It’s a special feeling, especially when a discussion comes of it.

Tennis players should be respected:

The rewards are great, but the losses sting, badly. If you’re not at the top, and even if you are, there’s a lot of pain in tennis. It’s an individual sport, even in doubles. There’s no one to turn to but yourself (unless you’re getting illegal coaching, ahem). Thus, pressure — physically and especially mentally — has a strong meaning.

For these individuals to fight on the court day in and day out for what they love is truly awe-inspiring. They give up a lot and then risk even more for their passion. Everyone can learn from a tennis player, and athletes in general. This was something I must confess I took for granted. But it’s true. It’s admirable.

Blogging and social networking are awesome:

Web 2.0, here I am. If there’s anything on the technological side I’ve been learning with my blog it’s this: how to work the social networking. It’s a powerful tool, and I’m glad I’m gaining a clear understanding of how to Facebook effectively, how to Twitter, the importance of linking, SEO, and the list goes on and on. But besides self-promotion, I love the community aspect of the blogosphere. I’m reading other people’s work, getting comments, clicking links, and in the process improving my writing, researching, and learning to appreciate tennis through the eyes of many others. I’m being challenged constantly to improve my work and live up to the standards not only of my own expectations, but of the high quality of work provided by other tennis fans around the world.

I love to write, and I love to write about tennis:

Okay. So I’m going to end here, although I can probably jot down so much more. I started Tenaciously Tennis because I definitely knew both of these statements were/would be true. Regardless, actually putting these concepts into practice and regularly writing about tennis has greatly reaffirmed that this is what I love to do. It’s exciting reading, watching, and playing tennis. It’s also just as (if not even more) exciting to analyze the game and share my thoughts with a wider audience. It’s means so much, and I realize that this isn’t just for fun — it’s for the benefit of my writing, my tennis, and my life.

This leads to bringing up one more thing.

I’m very proud to announce that Tenaciously Tennis now has its own domain name:!

I look forward to hearing back from you all, and reading your work.

Thank you!


Tenaciously Tennis Gets a New Look

Posted in Miscellaneous by Ben on May 22, 2010

Hello everyone!

I just want to say thank you so much for reading these past few months. I’ve really enjoyed the chance to write about the wonderful sport of tennis, and I truly appreciate your continued support.

Also, I just wanted to mention that Tenaciously Tennis has been given a new look. I’ve decided to move from Blogger to WordPress, and I hope you enjoy the improvement. While I’m still trying to figure out the workings of this new site, I’ve been pleased so far with the new layout, the RSS capabilities, and the overall ease of posting.

I’ll be leaving the old blog up for the next few weeks until everything is successfully transferred, so feel free to check it out. Click here to check it out.

Thank you once again and if you have any suggestion feel free to let me know.


Welcome to Tenaciously Tennis

Posted in Miscellaneous by Ben on January 2, 2010

Hello everyone, and thank you for reading!

First off, a little background information about myself. I’m Ben, an avid tennis player, fan, and journalist. I found myself in love with the game at around the age of twelve, when my father introduced me to the sport. Since then, I’ve become immersed in every aspect of the game: playing, watching, reading, and, now, writing.

Having grown up with a family of tennis players, I have come to appreciate the game’s ability to bring people together. For me, the sport symbolizes unity and self-confidence. From the public courts of Queens, Brooklyn, and Long Island, where I first picked up tennis, to watching my first US Open on television, and actually seeing the mesmerizing Arthur Ashe Stadium in person, the sport has become a welcome part of my life.

The goal of this blog is to take my passion for tennis and share my thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and love for this entrancing game. I hope to stay true to the Blog’s working title, Tenaciously Tennis, which has the connotation of “holding fast,” being “highly retentive,” and staying true to my opinions. Through sharing my musings of this sport, I hope to provide you, the reader, with enjoyment and, importantly, something to contemplate about the next time you take to the courts.

Again, enjoy! Thank you for reading.


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