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Justine, the Latest Comeback Queen?

Posted in Justine Henin,Kim Clijsters,Nadia Petrova,Sesil Karantancheva by Ben on January 4, 2010

Well, with her excellent performance today in Australia’s Brisbane tournament against the second-seeded, Nadia Petrova, who is currently ranked twenty in the world, it certainly looks so for Justine Henin.

It was a thrilling, and well-fought match for both players, but the seven-time Grand Slam champion made it through to the second round quite convincingly with a nicely improved, although erratic, first serve. It’s interesting to note that while Henin made only 47% of her first serves, according to the match’s official statistics, when her first serve did get in, she was almost unbeatable, winning 90% of the points.

Yes, Petrova is not the most difficult of first-round opponents, but the win will no doubt give the 27 year old Belgian confidence going into her second-round match against the qualifier, Sesil Karantancheva of Kazakhstan, who is making a comeback of her own. In my opinion, Henin will continue with an easy win in the next round.

And after seeing her play, I couldn’t help but recognize (and applaud) the efforts Henin has made with her physical and mental game over the past twenty months. Her graceful one-handed backhand looked particularly beautiful, and was a welcome sight with all of two-handers out there these days. The poise Henin had in her pre-match interview was also noteworthy, and it seems that she has truly grown as a person, too.

My prediction: Henin will win easily in the next few rounds to meet WTA’s other comeback queen, the 2009 US Open champion and her compatriot Kim Clijsters in the finals.

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