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Odesnik ‘Thrilled’ with Shortened Suspension

Posted in Wayne Odesnik by Ben on December 23, 2010

Wayne Odesnik, the American charged with smuggling a growth hormone into Australia about a year ago, recently had his suspension drastically cutback. Instead of serving the originally planned two-year suspension, Odesnik now gets away with one. ITF’s reasoning: Odesnik assisted with the “enforcement of professional rules of conduct.”

In a statement released in USA Today, Odesnik said, “I am thrilled that I can return to the game and compete in the sport about which I am truly passionate. I have learned a lot during my time away from competitive tennis and I know have even a greater appreciation for what a privilege it is to be a professional athlete. I want to take this opportunity to thank my family, true close friends and fans who have stood by me during this difficult time; I am deeply grateful and humbled by your support.”

For more information, see the San Francisco Chronicle’s recent story, here. Also, check out ESPN, here.

For Tennis Now’s take on the matter from earlier this year, view the following YouTube video.


American Wayne Odesnik’s Trial

Posted in Andy Roddick,Wayne Odesnik by Ben on March 29, 2010

The fact that American journeyman Wayne Odesnik was found with and pleaded guilty to importing human growth hormones cannot, and must not, be tolerated within the sport whatsoever. These individuals who add nothing to the sport and yet create such horrible headlines tarnish tennis’ otherwise clean record. By importing the hormones, Odesnik does not only hurt his personal, moral image, but also that of American tennis. That is completely unacceptable.

Not only is it stupid to put your professional tennis career in jeopardy, the act of taking hormones in a sport so grounded in movement and quick reaction time makes no scientific sense. Why would he turn to drugs for the solutions to his problems? Yes, his best Grand Slam result was a comparatively minuscule third round appearance at the 2008 French Open. However, everything is at stake now. In my opinion, he needs to be met with the harshest of consequences so that others may benefit from this mistake.

If that means being banned from the sport permanently, it truly is a sad, sad day for American tennis in many ways.

Kudos to compatriot Andy Roddick’s strong, uninhibited reaction. His emotions were quite in check, and he was unafraid to show his feelings toward Odesnik’s dilemma. Hopefully, both Roddick’s anger and the ruling Odesnik will soon face, works to effectively curb future drug use in professional tennis.

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